“I have known Kevin Frost for many years and have always been impressed with his work ethic and his attention to detail. If you want to get something done Kevin Frost will make it happen. The people of the 4th Ward are fortunate to have such an advocate.”
— John Hallock, Former State Representative
“Kevin Frost has done a great job for his constituents in Rockford’s 4th Ward. His knowledge of the issues and his experience make him the best candidate in this race and I hope voters will re-elect him.”
—Jas Bilich, Winnebago County Board
“I don’t normally endorse Republicans but Kevin has proven to be the exception.  After working with Kevin on Rockford City Council for eight years I have observed that he combines an attorney’s intellect with a citizen’s perspective to make the right choice on critical issues facing our City.  Although we don’t always agree, I nonetheless respect Kevin’s well-considered decisions.  He is worthy of your confidence and your vote.”  
— Venita Hervey, 5th Ward Alderman, City of Rockford
“During Alderman Frost’s tenure, I’ve had multiple occasions to work with him, both personally and on behalf of our neighborhood association.  I respect and value his dedication to the residents of our ward.  He’s responsive and knowledgeable.  I believe his past experience and education provide a solid foundation to serve as our alderman.  He’s a problem solver and I plan to vote to retain him.”
— LoRayne Logan
“As a member of the Winnebago County Board I have found that Kevin Frost has been a very knowledgeable Alderman ready to work with other governments to solve problems. Kevin is a great asset to our city.”
— Winnebago County Board Member Fred Wescott
“The people of the 4th Ward have been fortunate to have Kevin Frost as their representative on the Rockford City Council. Kevin is a strong advocate for the people of his ward and his knowledge of the issues is invaluable.”
— Joe Chiarelli, Winnebago County Board Chairman
“Kevin Frost is a leader when it comes to public safety. He has fought for his Ward and voted on the city council to make sure that law enforcement had the resources to provide public safety to the residents of his ward.”
— Gary Caruana, Winnebago County Sheriff
— Chad TunebergAlderman
— Tim DurkeeAlderman


  • Former State Representative John Hallock