Public Safety– From 2016-2019 crime in the 4th Ward has gone down including Violent Crime (-56%) and Property Crime (-29%). If you are a victim of any crime that is no consolation and we must make sure that the perpetrators of any crime are brought to justice. Kevin has supported fully funding law enforcement and increases in the training and equipment budgets. Kevin supported the “shot spotter” technology as well as dash and body cams that protect both our citizens and law enforcement officers with a transparent process. He has also supported equipment upgrades resulting in shorter response times to 911 calls. Kevin has also supported Chief Bergsten and the Fire Department in having access to the best equipment for the safety of all Rockfordians. He has been at the forefront in support of the Co-Responder Pilot Program to assist law enforcement and residents experiencing a mental health crisis.

Property Taxes– Since Kevin joined the City Council, he has worked diligently Kevin to keep property taxes down and the tax levy flat. He supports alternative revenue sources for paying for infrastructure such as our Roads Referendum that uses a 1% sales tax one-third of which comes from people who live outside of Rockford making their purchases here. Pursuing growth in our local economy will also help to relieve the burden on our taxpayers.

Economic Development– Many of the issues that we face in Rockford can be resolved through an aggressive economic development program and growth. Infrastructure is also a critical part of our economic development.  Kevin worked to secure millions for residential road projects as well as Spring Brook, McFarland, and other road projects to benefit the 4th Ward.